50,676 ancient bitcoins seized by US unearth $3.36 billion linked to Silk Road


Ill-gotten BTCs benefit states – The bitcoins antiques dated (i.e., mined) from a time close to the disappearance of the radars of Satoshi Nakamoto are very often shrouded in mystery. In the present case, the romanticism of the link with the creator of Bitcoin is not on the agenda, despite however gigantism of the amount in question. Most of 3 billions of dollars seized by US justice would be linked to a former black market of the Darknet.

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American justice hits the jackpot in Bitcoin

In a kind of fortuitous competition after entering more than 190,000 BTC by the Chinese authorities (related to the Ponzi scheme MoreToken) only a few days ago, it is now American justice that seizes large sums of bitcoins.

According to a communicated of the press Department of Justice (DoJ) published this November 7, 2022, just over 50,676 BTC were recovered by US law enforcement. The seizure was actually made in November 2021, from a certain James Zhongwhich would have been wet with the now closed platform Silk Roada well-known black market place on the Dark Web.

At the time of the seizure, these BTCs were worth the tidy sum of $3.36 billion. Now, with a bitcoin price struggling to stay above $21,000, it would be just over $1 billion.

This seizure far exceeds the previous recovery of hundreds of bitcoins linked to the Hydra black marketconducted in April 2022. The question of what the United States are going to make all these bitcoins is not resolved in this DoJ statement.

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