Arianee partners with POAP to democratize proof of presence NFTs for brands


French Web3 solutions developer Arianee announces a partnership with POAP so brands can connect with their communities in innovative ways through non-fungible tokens (NFTs). From now on, fans will be able to obtain proof of attendance in the form of NFTs during events and store them directly on a wallet compatible with Arianee.

Arianee and POAP collaborate for proof of attendance at events

The French company Arianeespecialized in supporting companies through their transition to Web3, has just entered into a partnership with POAPthe global platform specializing in proof of attendance.

Proof of attendance, issued in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT), make it possible to certify the presence of an individual at a certain event in a totally innovative way. Democratized by POAP, the undisputed leader in the field, Proof of Attendance tokens are sent directly to their holder’s wallet in the same way as a classic NFT.

Totally free, these NFTs allow both their holders to immortalize a memory or participation and those who distribute them animate their community using Web3 tools.

Now, thanks to this partnership with Arianee, POAPs will be able to extend their aura to many brands so that they can get closer to their community in an active way. In this way, brands will now be able to tokenize the relationship they have with their customers through a digital wallet.

Thus, each brand will be able to offer a personalized journey to its customers like a loyalty program, but which this time allows them to create a real digital personality without companies needing to recover any personal data.

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Loyalty through the Web3

reflection of the attraction of the biggest brands for NFTs and Web3this collaboration will allow their communities to receive exclusive NFTs in a simplified way, for example by scanning a QR code offered at events.

To do this, users will simply have to bring a digital wallet compatible with Arianee in order to preview, read and then view the content of their POAP. Once obtained, the latter will then be stored in an automated and secure manner thanks to Arianee.

Pierre-Nicolas Hurstelthe CEO and co-founder of Arianee, welcomed this new step towards the democratization of Web3:

โ€œWe share with POAP a common vision of decentralization, mass adoption of Web3, and NFT use cases. We have worked together for a long time. It is therefore only natural for us that Arianee solutions can generate and host POAPs, the standard for proof of presence. Our goal is to make Web3 accessible to everyone, for brands and their communities. ยป

Major brands already offer an interface compatible with Arianee, such as Moncler, Yves Saint-Laurent, Breitling or Vacheron.

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