From sculptures to NFTs, Jeff Koons sends his works to the Moon


Jeff Moons.

Pace Verso, Pace Gallery’s NFT offering, has just announced “Moon Phases”the first NFT collection of Jeff Koonsin partnership with NFMoon and 4Space.

Inspired by human achievements of the past and future, Jeff Koons chose the Moon as a symbol of curiosity and determination. The artist explains: “I wanted to create an NFT project whose history is rooted in humanist and philosophical thought. Our achievements in space represent the limitless potential of humanity. Space exploration has given us the prospect of being able to go beyond the limits of the world. These ideas are at the heart of my NFT project, which can be seen as a continuation and celebration of humanity’s achievements on and off our planet. »

Each piece of the Moon Phases by Jeff Koons consists of a unique piece of digital art – NFT – and of one sculpture associated. It will land with an Intuitive Machines Nova-C Lunar Lander, launched from Kennedy Space Center’s Platform 39A, as part of a fully autonomous mission.

Jack Fischer, former NASA astronaut and current vice president of Intuitive Machines, said. ” Koons’ sculptures, which will be documented by the NFT and placed in a transparent, thermoformed, sustainably constructed art cube, will be the first works of art to be placed on the lunar surface, where they will remain forever. The sculptures by Jeff Koons will be placed in the Moon’s Oceanus Procellarum, the aptly named ocean of storms. The mission, scheduled for later this year, will mark the 50th anniversary of the last manned U.S. moon landing.

A limited number of copies of Moon Phases will be available for sale via the Pace Gallery. Proceeds from one of NFT’s first auctions will be donated to Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). More information about the project Jeff Koons: Moon Phases will be published in the coming weeks on the on the project site which will describe the artwork, the artistic and technical processes, as well as the charitable and spatial partners. More information to come also on Discord of the collection.


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