MULTIMEDIA BD – Olympus Game – Limited sale of NFT and launch of its marketplace – 2022-11-08 7:30 a.m.


BD MULTIMEDIA presents the latest advances from its subsidiary Olympus Game AD:

  • the limited sale of NFTs from the “legendary ATLAS” collection,

  • the launch of the official Olympus Game Marketplace.

As a reminder, the first “round” of the ICO ended on May 30, 2022 and the company sold more than 300,000 USD of $Olymp token. Despite the current turbulent stock market and crypto environment, the first round of the ICO was a real success. It attracted hundreds of investors and thousands of fans. The previous NFT sale took place at the end of September 2022.

OLYMPUS GAME continues to attract and convince more and more investors by openly sharing its plans and sticking to them.

Olympus Game is a play to earn game based on 3D tower rush gameplay. The story takes place in the time of Greek mythology. The game incorporates blockchain and NFT technologies. Olympus Game will be available on Binance’s BNB blockchain and will be playable on mobile and desktop.

For the player, the goal is to destroy the columns and the temple of the adversary while protecting his camp. The player can collect and improve his NFT cards to resell them (internal marketplace) or make them available in the “scholarship” system (stock market for renting NFT cards so that other players can use them).

Olympus Game Company’s goal is to bring the first truly fun and challenging “play to earn” game on the market that allows repeat players to earn daily rewards.


This collection is limited to 350 Box NFT. The sale will open on November 12, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. CEST.

NFT Boxes are available on the dedicated website

These NFTs are sold in limited quantities, at an attractive price and will give the buyer a strong advantage over other players once the game is released. Here are the benefits for the purchaser of the NFT boxes during this sale:

  • Get a powerful game character in preview,

  • Train characters in the already available Olympus Mini-Game web application,

  • Use stronger and already improved characters in the game, which will be released at the end of 2022,

  • Sell ​​your NFTs on the NFT Marketplace.

Presentation of the “Legendary Atlas” Box:

  • 1 hero guaranteed in each box: Chiron, Minotaur or Atlas,

  • the chance to obtain the character in one of three rarities: Common, Gold, Diamond,

  • 60% chance of getting between $800 and $3200 OLYMP,

  • 25% chance of getting 1 Evolution Stone,

  • 100% chance of getting between 40 and 200 evolutionary powder.

For the Olympus Game company, the NFT box sales strategy, beyond the turnover obtained through the sale, is to build a strong community of players and enthusiasts around these collections and the game.

Indeed, a purchase during these sales allows the first-time buyer to acquire an NFT of great value in the game at low cost. The value of the NFT depends on the rarity of the character and its strength in the game.

Once his NFTs are held, the purchaser can either resell them at a higher price thanks to their rarity, or benefit from a great advantage within the game with higher gains from games made with strong acquired characters. in the boxes.


The Olympus Game Marketplace is a site that presents all the NFTs dedicated to the Olympus Game game that are on sale.

Marketplace users can sell and buy:

  • NFT boxes,

  • game characters,

  • evolving stones.

All prices on the Marketplace are $BUSD. Trading will switch to $Olymp the moment the token is listed.

The marketplace is an important function for the game and its community, as it simplifies exchanges between buyers and sellers of Olympus Game NFTs.

To view the marketplace, all you need is a crypto wallet (example metamask) and connect to the following URL:

All users of the mini-game already have direct access to the Marketplace.


Olympus Game continues to attract and convince more and more investors by openly sharing and sticking to its plans.

The next big step for Olympus Game is the release of the alpha version playable in “free to play” at the end of 2022.

The detailed roadmap is available at:


Game website:

Project Whitepaper:


Minigame and Marketplace URL:

Social networks:


BD Multimedia is a French Fintech player in electronic payment services based on a strong digital culture and oriented towards the creation of value-added services through the use of information technologies:

  • The parent company obtained a Payment Establishment license from the French regulator (ACPR) in 2015.
  • The PAYCOM subsidiary publishes the TONEO FIRST prepaid Mastercard cards, the products of which are distributed to nearly all tobacconists in France.
  • The subsidiary BD MULTIMEDIA HK LTD publishes software solutions dedicated to payment services.
  • The subsidiary METACOLLECTOR is a platform for integrating ancient art from the public domain into the world of NFTs. These NFTs can then be viewed in the metaverse and exchanged between collectors.
  • The UNIQUIRE subsidiary carries the Group’s “Curated Fine Art NFTs” platform project, the details of which will be communicated later.
  • The Olympus Game subsidiary is developing a “Play to Earn” type game whose economy, based on the blockchain, is centered on the $OLYMP token and NFTs usable in the game.

BD Multimedia is listed on Euronext Growth (ISIN Code: FR0000035305 / ALBDM)


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