Prada and Adidas are launching a participatory NFT project.


On the occasion of the launch of their new collaboration, the two brands are inviting their communities to join an NFT initiative open to all.

Prada & Adidas: an open-metaverse NFT project.

A few days ago, Prada and Adidas unveiled the third part of their partnership, established this time around a capsule showcasing recycled nylon. During this presentation, the two entities also mentioned an upcoming initiative in Web3: it is now done with a project carried out in partnership with Polygon Studios from January 24th.

prada adidas nft

This drop, Prada and Adidas wanted it community by inviting their public to participate in the creation of a work of art. Concretely, participants holding a digital portfolio will be able to submit a visual inspired by the Re-Nylon collection. and thus integrate a waiting list.

3,000 of them will then be selected “at random”, specify the organizers, while the selected profiles will be able to return – on January 26 and 27 – to the dedicated site to convert their creation into NFT, free of charge. Eventually, the 3,000 images will also be collected into a single NFT powered by digital artist Zach Lieberman.

Solidarity action and compensation shared between contributors.

The joint NFT artwork will then be auctioned on the SuperRare platform from January 28 to 31. At the end of this sale, 80% of the amount will be donated to the educational organization Slow Factory, 5% will go to Zach Lieberman and the 15% remaining will be shared between the participants. Note that each contributor will retain all ownership rights to their individual NFT visual, which they may then retain or resell; in case of resale of it, 2.5% of the amount will be automatically donated to Slow Factory.

This shared ownership, made possible by Web3 technology, represents a cultural shift in favor of creators’ rights, at the heart of the crypto arts movement.” indicates Adidas, which launched its first collection of NFT “Into The Metaverse” at the end of 2021. The holders of these pieces also have privileged access to this new project with Prada, 1,000 places being reserved for them.

All the conditions of participation in the project “NFT Adidas for Prada re-source” is accessible here.


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