Towards a rally for BTC, LINK and AVAX?


Kaleo is a well-known crypto analyst and trader, with over 530,000 followers on the social network Twitter. Recently, he predicted price movements in the bitcoin (BTC) market and some altcoin markets. He mainly targeted 2 altcoins, namely: Chainlink (LINK) and Avalanche (AVAX), the great rival of Ethereum. Here is what trader Kaleo predicts on the markets of the three digital assets.

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A 223% increase to come for the Avalanche (AVAX)?

Crypto analyst Kaleo has declared on Twitter this November 5: “AVAX over $20“. The trader predicts a sharp rise for one of Ethereum’s biggest rivals. He expects Avalanche (AVAX) to reach $60, which is about a 223% upside.

According to Kaleo, AVAX has just passed an important milestone. Indeed, the altcoin broke above the diagonal resistance line. It is gearing up to achieve its price target. Kaleo thinks along the way it will first trade at around $30.

AVAX Analysis

According to Kaleo, there is a consolidation of the Bitcoin pair of Chainlink (LINK/BTC) above a critical resistance. The analyst thinks of potential gains and expects LINK to significantly outperform BTC.

He stated : “LINK/BTC continues to grind slowly higher as it accumulates above long-term resistance“. He added that anything below $10 per token is a good deal.

Analyst predicts $22,700 for bitcoin (BTC)

Leading trader Kaleo predicts a rally for bitcoin (BTC) this week. He claims that the flagship crypto is about to break out of the bear market. He expects it to cross the $22,000 mark for trading around $22,700.

The widely followed crypto trader accurately stated: “Some accumulation on the top of support after the breakout. We should see another phase higher at $22,700 or higher soon; probably a bit of a chop around $22,000 along the way“.

Many are predicting a further decline in crypto prices. But, for trader Kaleo, the prices of cryptos like bitcoin, Chainlink and the Avalanche will increase this week. Meanwhile, BTC is trading around $20,700, AVAX around $18.30, and LINK around $8.40.

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